More Disabled Missourians Opt for Consumer Directed Services Under Medicaid

Residents of Missouri have options when they become disabled, some of which are both innovative and interesting. In the past, most disabled Missourians who qualified ended up receiving standardized care through the state’s Medicaid system.

For quite a few years now, though, patients have also been allowed to opt into the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program. By choosing to use CDS Missouri, residents who have become disabled gain a great deal of control and flexibility.

An Innovative Approach Improves the Lives of Medicaid Beneficiaries

Medicaid was designed and created to make sure that vulnerable Americans were not left without the care they needed. Becoming disabled can be devastating in many respects, especially when support is not available.

State-run Medicaid systems like Missouri’s have sought to cater to the needs of disabled people for many years. Unfortunately, many of the resulting arrangements proved unsatisfying, with excessive rigidity and restrictiveness frequently being blamed.

Programs resembling today’s CDS were developed by a number of states beginning in the 1990s. By the time the new millennium arrived, it had become clear that empowering disabled patients was a worthwhile option.

A Better Way for Many to Receive Care

In Missouri today, nearly a third of the adult population suffers from some form of disability. While only a fraction of these are eligible for Medicaid and its CDS program, the latter frequently proves to be the best way to arrange care for all.

Unlike the traditional version of Medicaid, CDS allows patients quite a bit of latitude when it comes to procuring care. CDS participants can even pay relatives or friends to help out with the kinds of everyday duties that might otherwise prove so challenging for a disabled person.

While CDS is not exactly a panacea, it has proved its value time and time again. Participants regularly report being more satisfied with the care they receive than others, a result that is clearly valuable in its own right.

Better yet is the fact that CDS allows many disabled people to experience life more fully and in more rewarding ways. That has helped make CDS an increasingly popular choice for disabled individuals all over Missouri.